George Galian

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    Department: Golf
    Position: Associate Golf Professional
    Phone: 860-673-4577

    -Hometown: Born in Milford, Ct. -Family: Two brothers. One living in Salt Lake City the other in California. Two sisters. One living in Waterbury Ct. the other in Florida. -Education: Graduated from Wilcox Tech. H.S. in 1986 and two weeks later enlisted into the United States Air Force. -Employment background: Most recently worked at the Burlington School of Golf. In addition working with persons with disabilities to find happiness in their homes, in their personal relationships, and as contributing members of their community. I worked in Salt Lake City at Mountain Dell Golf Course on the grounds crew. I started playing Golf at age 13. Initially gained interest from watching my father play. I enjoy physical fitness and working out with weights regularly and typically run/stationary bike for cardio. Interesting fact: I was once chased by a moose while trying to mow a green on a Golf Course. Yikes!