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Guest Information

Guest Information

The Golf Club of Avon allows Members to bring guests to the Club.

Guests are asked to please follow the below.

Cell Phone Policy:

  • At All Times: Cell phone in silent or vibrate mode
  • Golf Course: Use of cell phone is strongly discouraged. Please keep call brief and away from all other players. Don't hold up play.
  • Practice Areas (practice green, driving range, short game area): Phone calls are strongly discourages. If a phone call needs to be taken it must be away from all other players. 
  • Racquet Areas: Use of cell phone strongly discouraged. Keep call brief and away from all other players.
  • All Dining Areas (Formal Dining Room, Pub, Family Dining Room, Upper Deck, and Patio): No phone calls allowed. Brief phone usage, such as text messages are allowed.
  • Pool: Cell phones allowed. Please be courteous.
  • Other Club Premises (locker rooms, hallways, lobbies, parking lot, and building entrances): Cell phones allowed. Please be courteous.

Dress Code:

When visiting the Golf Club of Avon it is anticipated that Members and guests will choose to dress in a manner which is suitable and appropriate for their surroundings and activity. Neat, appropriate casual attire is required at all times on club property. Neat and clean denim and jeans are permitted as follows:

  • For luncheon and dinner in the Family and Formal Dining Rooms Tuesday through Sunday
  • In the Pub at all times
  • On the paddle tennis courts during the winter months
  • At the golf pro shop

Short-shorts, cut-offs, bib overalls, work type blue jeans, ripped jeans with holes, low rise or urban-style baggy jeans are not permitted. At no time is denim in any fashion allowed on the golf course, practice green, short game practice area, driving range, or tennis courts.

Gentlemen are required to wear a collared shirt in Formal Dining Room on Friday and Saturday nights. Shirttails must be tucked in at all times when on club property. In the clubhouse, hats, visors, and other appropriate sports headgear may only be worn in the Pub. Headgear may not be worn backward in the clubhouse. 

It is the responsibility of the members to inform their guests of these standards and to see that they are adhered to.

The Clubhouse Manager, along with supervisory staff members, have been authorized by the Board of Governors to notify members or their guests when their attire is not deemed consistent with this policy.